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Afghanabad is a beautiful located village in the North of Distt. Jhelum. It lies in Dina Tehsil. North it is surrounded by Mangla Dam hilly area and Eastward flowing River Jhelum only half kilometer away. Surrounding villages are Sheikhupur, Nai Abadi, Pandori, Dhok Baba Kala Khan, Ladhar etc. Afghan Sarwani are in majority tribe in this village, although other tribes also live in. This valiant tribe date back history from Malir Kotla from where their forfather migrated to this part of the word.

The History of Afghan Tribes

Sarwani pashtun tribe


There are different theories about origin of Pashtuns. These are mainly based on oral traditions and myths. The most popular one is that of one Naimatulla narrated in his book Makhzan e Afghani wa Tarikh e Khan Jahani written in 17th century during the time of mughal Emperor Jahangir. According to Naimat Ullah, Qais was the ancestor of most of the existing Pashtun tribes. He met the Holy Prophet and embraced Islam. He was given the Muslim name of Abdul Rasheed. He had three sons, Ghourghasht, Sarban and Bitan. Bibi Mato was the daughter of Bitan. A prince of Turk origin, Sha Hussain, developed some differences with his family and migrated to Ghor, Afghanistan. He met Bibi Mato and fell in love with her. Bibi Mato conceived and wife of Bitan came to know about this development. She wanted Bibi Mato to marry Sha Hussain but before that she wanted to confirm the story of Sha Hussain's family which he had narrated. A Daur by the name of Kakh was nominated to travel to Tukimanistan and to trace the family of Sha Hussain. Kakh discovered that Sha was a prince from a ruling royal family. Kakh knew that he can exploit this situation and can bargain with Sha Hussain. So he went to Sha and told him that your marriage to Bibi Mato depends on the information which he is going to provide so you should strike a deal and take my daughter as your second wife. Sha Hussain agreed. He married Bibi Mato and had two sons from her, Ghalzai and Lodi From Kakh's daughter he had another two sons Sarwani and Suri. Over a period of time Sarwni and Suri became independent tribes. Both these tribes migrated to present day Dera Ismail Khan, in the time of Ommayed Caliph Abdul Malik bin Marwan, and settled in Chaudwan. The Sarwani developed a new town by the name of Dhraban. Kidnapping of a Suri girl by a young Sarwani resulted in a feud in which most of the males of both tribes were killed. Sarwani, being weakened by the feud, were evicted from Dhraban by the Miankhels. Most of them went to India while a small number migrated to Wah, Hazro and Attock in Punjab Pakistan. Few families crossed the River Indus at Attock and got settled in Spin Kana, Ziarat Ka Ka Sahib and Amiro Kili in Nowshehra District. Those who migrated to India excelled in various fields. Some of them rose to high positions in Sher Sha Suri army. Abbas Khan Sarwani wrote Tarikh e Sher Shahi.A Sarwani family established an independent state of Malir Kotla in Indian Punjab. The family ruled this State for centuries. Some Sarwani in India are known as sherwani.

Sarwani Pashtun Tribe

Sarwani is a Pashtun tribe settled in India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.Ghilzais , Lodhis, Suris, Nuhanis,  Sarwanis and Niazis are common descendants of Bibi Matto from her Turkish husband Hussain Shah. As per tradition Qais Abdur Rashid, the ancestor of all Pashtuns, embraced Islam when he met the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. He had four sons, Ghourghusht, Sarban, Baitan, and Karlan. Except for a few, all Pashtun tribes have descended from these four sons Qais. Baitan had a daughter by the name of Bibi Mato. Shah Hussain was a Turkish prince who somehow landed in the area of Baitan and fell in love with Bibi Mato. He disclosed to the wife of Baitan that he was of a noble royal family and wanted to marry Bibi Mato. A Dawari (from the lineage of Karlan) by the name of Khak (or possibly Kaaghdoam) was detailed to go to Turkmenistan and find out the truth about Shah Hussain and his family. Khak found out that Shah Hussain was indeed a prince. He made a plan and instead of going to Baitan's wife, he went to the Shah and told him that only in the case that the Shah is willing to also take his daughter, Mahi, as second wife, then he will report about his noble origin. Shah agreed.The offspring of these two (Mahi and Matto) were known as Mathi tribes


The Sarwani and Suri tribes migrated to Dera Ismail Khan and settled in Chaudwan. A town by the name of Dhraban was built by Sherwanis. A dispute with Suri resulted in heavy casulties on both sides. The Miankhels of Dera Ismail Khan subsequently forced Sarwanis to leave that place. Some went to India, a few to a place near Wah known as Chikara. From Wah they migrated to Hazro and Attock. A few families are now residing in Spinkane Ziarat Ka Ka Sahib and Amiro Khairabad, NWFP, Pakistan. Those who migrated to India produced many generals especially in army of Sher Shah Suri. Abbas Sherwani wrote the history of Sher Shah Suri. The Sherwani established a state in Malir Kotla, Indian Punjab. Sherwanis are now scattered in different parts of the world, very few can speak the Pashto language.

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Sarwani Bala and Sarwani Payan are towns in Afghanistan. Shahryar Khan (ex-Secretary to Government of Pakistan for Foreign Affairs and ex-Chairman Pakistan Cricket Control Broad) is a member of the Nawab of Malerkotla family.

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